The consistent development and systematic cultivation of a healthy ecosystem of dance has been, since 2008, the work of Dan.C.CE Unitiva, the nonprofit arts company that has been organizing ARC FOR DANCE FESTIVAL, enjoys the support of Dance Cultural Center (DAN.C.CE) and is a member of the wider European network Aerowaves – Dance across Europe.

The Founder and Chairwoman of DAN.C.CE UNITIVA, Froso Trousa, is also Artistic Director of
ARC FOR DANCE FESTIVAL and responsible for curating the content and themes of its consecutive editions.

The ARC FOR DANCE FESTIVAL 10 project team also includes: Dimitris Nasiakos,
co-founder and Deputy Chairman of Dan.C.CE UNITIVA and Production Manager of the festival since its inception;
and Evita Karadimitri, Programming Manager and Director of Visual Communication of the festival.

Essential SSL

The "International Festival of Contemporary Dance ARC FOR DANCE FESTIVAL"
is realized within the context of the Operational Program "ATTICA 2014-2020"
and is co-funded by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund) and national resources. 
The realization of the “10th International Festival of Contemporary Dance ARC FOR DANCE FESTIVAL”
is in compliance with accessibility provisions, in order to ensure accessibility to PWD.