DAN.C.CE Unitiva is a nonprofit company that organizes activities which develop innovative projects with highly artistic quality in the art of dance.

In recent years the company has been a member of several European networks such as IETM, the Spider Expand! and Aerowaves. Through artistic exchanges with other professionals, DAN.C.CE Unitiva has brought to the Greek audience in direct contact with new and fresh productions that have been created within and outside the country.

Since the beginning of it’s existence the company collaborates with the studio Dance Cultural Centre which is based in the centre of the city of Athens. The emphasis of the collaboration is on organizing educational workshops and residencies for artistic development with artists from abroad as well as distinguished artists of our country. Though this way we believe that dancers, choreographer but even amateurs can expand, share knowledge, influences and stimuli on the different techniques and approaches on contemporary dance.

Since 2008 DAN.C.CE Unitiva is organizing the international festival ARC for Dance. The aim of this event is mainly to present fresh and innovative works from Greece and abroad. The ultimate goal is to cultivate relations between the artists that share a common space to present their work and to bring the Greek audience in substantial contact with different versions of contemporary choreographic thinking.
All years of existence, the DAN.C.CE Unitiva is supported mainly by revenue workshops, tickets sales and private sponsorships.