This year, ARC FOR DANCE FESTIVAL creates a Mosaic of a multicultural program, highlighting the different influences that make choreographers move under the umbrella of a common language, that of contemporary dance.

27th, 28th and May 29th of May, Sygxrono Theatro will be transformed into a colorful Mosaic with works from Greece, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain and Denmark.

A rich and intense 3 day program, ARC for DANCE Festival presents aspiring projects from young and mature movers that bring the spirit of the times we are experiencing…

Looking forwards to see you there!!

The non-profit organization of the festival DAN.C.CE Unitiva, is supported from the Dance Centre Dance and the European network for contemporary dance, Aerowaves.

  • FRIDAY 27/5



    Idea / Choreography: Anastasia Brouzioti
    Performed by: Anastasia Brouzioti & Stavros Apostolatos
    Music: Manos Kopanakis
    Costumes: Antonia Mihaliou
    Photography: Katerina Karateri

    Duration: 15’

    Two people can operate as the ultimate mechanism. They move together, always next to each other but do not have time to think, do not have time to feel, do not have time to breathe. They are in a continuous game. Within this ‘game’ the need to stay united brings larger and stronger instincts in order to survive, constantly creating new equilibrium conditions. The idea is based on a pun, exploiting the different possible meaning of the words grace, (blessing) and race (match).

    The work has been presented at the 29th Choreographic Competition in Madrid and received a residency award at the dance space LaCaldera in Barcelona. It has also been presented at the Act to Dance Festival 2015 in Patra / Greece




    Choreography: Kolaritz Adrian
    Performers: Zouma Fotini, Kelesi Anastasia, Kostopoulou Alexandra
    Music: Hanikian Ousik
    Dramaturgy: Psilas Vasilis

    Duration: 10’

    Just There” is inspired by the creation and evolution of life on earth. It focuses on the primitive level of relations of all creatures, particularly of humans. In this story, humans are presented as absolute rulers that adapt and settle quickly, both to pleasant and harmful relationships. However, are we adapting to our own destruction?



    LARA / AEROWAVES 20 / Germany

    Choreography & Performance: Mirjam Sögner
    Music: Andreas Völk
    Light Design: Sandra Blatterer
    Kindly supported by Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte and the BKA – Austrian Council for the Arts

    Premiere _ 1/3/2015 // HAU 3 Berlin – 100° Festival

    Duration: 30’

    LARA takes the pixelated movement patterns of early computer game characters as its starting point to explore digitally altered physicality. Mirjam Sögner translates the unnatural qualities and glitchy image errors of digital avatars back onto her own body, creating an uncanny hybrid. Imitating the imitation, she creates a physical body seemingly trapped in the digital realm. As our digital and physical realities grow together, this solo offers a bodily response to our changing.




    Choreography: Jozef Fruček & Linda Kapetanea_ The RootLessRoot
    Name of the company: DOT504 Dance Company
    Performed by: Nathan Jardin, Joona Kaakinen, Knut Vikstrøm Precht, Daniel Raček, Tom Weksler
    Music: Vassilis Mantzoukis
    Sound design: Tomáš Novotný
    Light Design: David Prokopič
    Costumes: Kristýna Záveská
    Photography credits: Petr Otta © 2014

    Duration: 60’

    Tom – the Jew, highly adaptable Nathan, Dano – the big helper, pure and original Knut and the boss Joona – fifty per cent better better than any other. With this group of five very funny guys we will dive into the powerful social phenomenon of the great pleasure human beings: take in killing and participating in violence.

    The pleasure of killing gives the perpetrator a strange experience of absolute power and freedom… But for the victims it is hell itself.

    And the random observers of violent scenes? They do nothing. Suffering from collective loss of memory they just observe.

    Dance Piece of the Year at the Czech Dance Platform 2015 Festival 
    Audience Award at the Czech Dance Platform 2015 Festival

    Residency support by Duncan Center and Penelope Iliaskou
    Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, The City of Prague, Municipal District of Prague 3, Embassy of Israel in Prague, Delegation of the Flanders Government in Prague, Ponec Theatre, Dance Perfect Studio and Slovak Institute, Embassy of Czech Republic in Greece.


  • SATURDAY 28/5



    Concept – Choreography: Tzeni Argyriou
    Performers: Marianna Kavalieratou, Ermis Malkotsis, Stavroula Siamou
    Assistant choreographer: Danai Giannakopoulou
    Sound design: Antonis Nikiforos
    Lighting: Nikos Vlassopoulos

    Duration: 20′ 

    Orbits. Sound. Inner space.People. Outward space. Distance. Entrance. Crowd. Pause. Rhythm. Synchronization. Exit. Silence.

    Special thanks to: I would like to thank the performers for their creative contribution and Vasilis Gerodimos Vali Ioannou, Kostas Kalimeris, Fotis Siotas, Froso Trousa for their valuable help.



    Trajectory: A Tragedy of a Victory_ GREECE

    Choreography: Margarita Trikka
    Performed by: Kandy Karra, Hara Kotsali
    Dramaturgy: Dimitra Mitropoulou
    Music Composition: Sancho 003
    Mixing / Sound editing: Vagelis Lappas
    Light design: Nikos Vlasopoulos
    Costumes / set: Artemis Flessa 
    Video / photography: Manos Arvanitakis                                                                                 
    Promotion material: Alexandros Georgakopoulos

    Duration: 22’     

    Can I define and somatize my thinking? What kind of materials are thoughts consists of? Motivated by George Steiner’s essay ‘Ten (possible) reasons for the sadness of thinking’, the Tragectory: A tragedy of a victory attempts to investigate the physical function of thinking and present the tragicomic of human mind. Something so extraordinary and yet so weak at the same time, mind finally asks in return if indeed thinking is being melancholic. If the thought imprisons or frees.

    Special thanks to: DAN.C.CE, Froso Trousa, Patricia Apergi, Vagelis Lappas, Gianni Trikka, Evangelia Trikka, Cartel Art Space and  Εx – Αnimo Drive.



    A Naked Feeling_ GREECE / DENMARK

    Choreography: Stafanos Bizas
    Performed by: Stafanos Bizas & Alba Nadal
    Music: J. S. Bach BWV1004 (played by David Russell) & Vivaldi Summer 2
    recomposed by Max Richter
    Costumes: Charles Andersen & Charlotte Ostergaard
    Photo by: Henrik Stenberg

    Indecisiveness is usually considered as a hindrance but sometimes it can act as a driving force for a couple. The journey for each one can be more or less different but what matters mostly is Ithaca. Where is Ithaca for each one of them?

    The piece has been presented at the Copenhagen Summer Dance Festival as well as at Certamen Ciutat de Barcelona in 2014.

    Special Thanks to: Alba Nadal, Tim Matiakis, Sebastian Kloborg, Lucia Pasquini, Certamen Internacional de Dansa Ciutat de Barcelona, Danish Dance Theatre.



     ΒΟΚΚΟ / AEROWAVES 20 / Netherlands

    Choreography & video: Karel van Laere & Vanja Rukavina
    Music: DJ イアソン
    Video editing: Peter van Til
    Manga cartoons: Mustayaki
    Performers: Karel van Laere, Vanja Rukavina, Julia Mitomi,
    Jihane El Fahidi, Tessa Wowor or Cheroney Pelupessy
    Lightdesign: Raoul Baeten
    Technique: Tomas Vondracek
    Final direction: Helena Muskens & Quirine Racké
    Touramanager: Lisa van Woersem
    Dramaturgy: Suzy Blok / Dansmakers Amsterdam
    Producer: Talitha Stijnman / Paradiso Melkweg Productiehuis

    Duration: 20’

    BOKKO is an explosive dance performance with whipped up music and video animation. These two theatre performers are so interested in the influence of Asian media culture on reality that they decided to make a show about it.

    BOKKO is a coproduction of Paradiso Melkweg Productiehuis with Dansmakers Amsterdam.


  • SUNDAY 29/5

    Igor & Moreno perform Idiot Syncrasy at The Place theatre.

    Idiot-Syncrasy / AEROWAVES 20 / UK

    Created and Performed by: Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas
    Artistic Associate: Simon Ellis
    Voice Coach: Melanie Pappenheim
    Lighting Design: Seth Rook Williams
    Sound Design: Alberto Ruiz Soler
    Costume & Set Design: Kasper Hansen
    Costume Supervision: Sophie Bellin Hansen
    Photographer: Alicia Clarke

    Duration: 40’

    We started with wanting to change the world with a performance. We felt like idiots. Then we danced a lot. We jumped. We called on the folk traditions of Sardinia and the Basque Country. We sang. We jumped some more. We committed.
    Now we promise to stick together. We promise to persevere. We promise to do our best.

    Idiot-Syncrasy was nominated for the National Dance Awards 2015, the Total Theatre Awards 2015 and it was selected for Aerowaves 2015 and for the British Council Showcase 2015.

    Special thanks to: Roberto Casarotto, Dantzagunea,Keren Kossow, Louise Jardin, Helen Holden, Wieke Eringa, El Graner, Justyna Latoch, Lola Maury, Laura Ortu, Alicia Otxandategi, SÍN Culturalis Központ, Jitka Tumova, Ann Van den Broek and everyone who has helped us.

    Commissioned by The Place and created using funding from Arts Council funding through Grants for the Arts and with support from TIR danza, Yorkshire Dance, Cambridge Junction, Centro per la Scena Contemporanea, Bassano (Italy) and BAD Festival in Bilbao.




    Concept / Choreography: Pepi Zaharopoulou
    Music (composition and live music performance): Fotis Milonas
    Performers: Fotini Zouma, Eva Mihala, Natasa Fouseki
    Lighting design: Nikos Vlasopoulos
    Costumes: Aggeliki Kotroni
    Artwork: Natasa Polizou
    Video teaser: Stathis Doganis

    Duration: 10’

    Three parallel routes inspired by the notion of “waste material” and the act of wasting.
    “Compost” focuses on the moment of rejection and uses the idea of “recycling ” as a means of transformation and possible rebirth of the self.
    (The kinetic language of the performance is in itself the result of “recycling”. Recycling of all the “rejected movements” offered by dancers as a gift for the creation of this project.)




    Choreography: Charemi Marilia
    Performers: Stathis Doganis, Charemi Marilia
    Music composition: Christos Tsekourloukis, Christian Bacogiannis

    Duration: 10’

    It is the touch that baptizes you and discreetly accompanies you through your lifetime. You will ask for it when you are happy or when you are scared, and it will be offered to you when you really need it. It can be transformed in order for you to feel the same completeness when you are in it. Special and immersive, it will bring closer, heal, alleviate, bind, protect, support, reward and save. It will fulfill you with happiness and affection, tenderness and love.
    The /aŋ.ɡa.ˈʎa/



    ‘The Wishing Well’_ UK

    Choreography and Text: Eva Recacha
    Sound Composer: Alberto Ruiz Soler
    Performer: Martha Passakopoulou
    Ligthing Designer/Technical Manager: Gareth Green
    Assisstant to the choreographer: Lola Maury

    Duration: 20’

    ‘The Wishing Well’ is an acclaimed dance solo work for Martha Pasakopοulou. A work that reclaims the dignity and importance of our dreams and ideals, and the role they have in constructing our identities.

    A Place Prize finalist in 2013 – “A hot contender for the Top Vote” (The Stage),
    “The Standout performer” (Metro) – The Wishing Well witnesses the transformation of the dancer’s character by looking at different memories of her personal history.